Claiming Your Funds is just a Phone Call Away…

You’ve received a call, letter or email about unclaimed funds being held by a Government Agency that may be rightfully yours.

Due to a legal process called “Escheatment”, you could lose your money to the Government forever!

If a Government Agency is holding your money, we can help you get it back.

But… Time is of the essence!

You can request these funds through a claims process before the Government files to Escheat them.

Governmental Agencies have specific amounts of time they will hold your funds. If they are not claimed within that time frame, they claim them for themselves.

Keeping YOUR funds away from the rightful owner… YOU!

With no out-of-pocket costs to you, you can hire abandoned money professionals such as Lost & Found Financial to work on your behalf.

Lost & Found Financial is a small group of abandoned money professionals located in Wisconsin who help return those unclaimed funds back to people who need it.

Insure your funds never become Escheated.

Through audits of Governmental files and documents, we are able to locate unclaimed funds belonging to you.

You Can Reclaim the funds we’ve found for YOU!

What would you do with a nice, unexpected payday? Buy a new home? Take care of much needed repairs? Buy a new car? Take a nice relaxing vacation? These are just a few things that would be possible with your newly found funds.

Make sure the Government doesn’t end up with your money!

Your entitled to get your money back. After all, it is rightfully yours.

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