How to Claim Your Funds…

Government Agencies across the county are holding Billions of dollars belonging to private citizens just like you.

At some point, Government officials may have tried contacting you to return the funds but failed to do so.

You can claim these funds…

The Government Agencies hold your funds for only a specific amount of time, which varies by agency. If you don’t request these funds through a special claims process before the Government files to Escheat them, you could lose your money forever.

Escheatment is the legal term used for the process of the Government keeping unclaimed money if no claim is made within their time period…

Giving them free money and taking it away from you.

At Lost & Found Financial, we audit many governmental agencies across the country. During our audits, we look for large sums of money owed to estates, companies and private individuals like you.

We contact the rightful owners such as yourself, via phone calls, email or letter, letting you know we have located money we believe belongs to you.

You’re entitled to this money. It rightfully belongs to you!

Your verbal agreement is all we need to start working on your behalf. Once you agree to have us get the money for you, we will schedule a notary to come to a location of your choice at a time of your choosing to sign the necessary paperwork to start the claim process.

Next, the notary sends us the paperwork. Once we receive it, we begin the special claims process to retrieve your money. If by any chance there is any additional paperwork required by the Government Agency, we will contact you to make additional arrangements.

The Government Agencies will typically process the claim in 6-8 weeks. But, as you would expect, this can vary from agency to agency. It can take 3-5 months in some cases.

During this time, you can sit back an wait for your money to arrive.

Lost & Found Financial works on a contingency only basis and is only paid upon successfully processing your claim and returning your money to you.

If for any reason we are not successful at recovering your money, we will cover all related expenses and you will never owe us a dime.

Don’t delay, call us today… Before it’s too late!

You could be leaving thousands of unclaimed dollars that belong to you, in the hands of the Government Agencies.

Call us now! We’re available now at (877) 928-3334.